Central Councils of England and Wales

The 23 Central Councils of the Society in England & Wales provide a local focus for co-ordinating the activity and development of the District Councils and Conferences within their area. Their primary responsibilities are:

  • To promote development of the Society through the formation of new Conferences, including Youth SVP, and recruitment of new members, by having regard to the particular needs of communities within the area
  • To maintain links with the Bishop and the diocesan authorities
  • To oversee the effective administration of the Society at local level
  • To promote effective communication, formation and spiritual development
  • To monitor the availability and use of funds locally

Councils play a key role in the identification of local needs and the steps which might be taken to address them most appropriately, for example, through the establishment of Special Works or community based projects.

Use the list below for more information about individual Central Councils


§                Arundel & Brighton

§                Birmingham

§                Brentwood

§                Bristol

§                Cardiff

§                East Anglia

§                Hallam

§                Lancaster

§                Leeds

§                Liverpool

§                Manchester

§                Menevia


§                Middlesbrough

§                Northampton

§                Nottingham

§                Plymouth

§                Portsmouth

§                Shrewsbury

§                Southwark

§                South West Lancashire

§                Tyne

§                Westminster

§                Wrexham