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The SVP has appeared in a variety of newspapers, magazines and news websites, including The Tablet, the Universe, The Catholic Times, Catholic  Herald, Catholic LIfe, ICN, Networking Magazine Portsmouth People and more. Scroll down for a list of our articles.

December 2016

Feature - The Universe

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has teamed up with the SVP to support the homeless through the creation of thousands of cold weather 'Vinnie Packs. Read the story here.

News item - The Universe

A schoolboy from Whistable in Kent has found a way to bring a little comfort to homeless people sleeping on the streets during the coldest months of the year. Read the story here

Independent Catholic News covered the story as well. Read it here

Premier Christian radio - news item

SVP Membership Manager Kieran Knights spoke to Premier Christian Radio about the SVP's Christmas Campaign encouraging members of the public to give a little of their time. Listen to the interview here. 

November 2016

Feature - Northern Cross

Celebrations have taken place to mark 170 years of the SVP in Hexham and Newcastle. Read about the work of the SVP in the diocese here.

October 2016

Profile - The Catholic Times

Ann Widdecombe, a patron of the SVP, was interviewed for the Catholic Times newspaper. Read how Ann believes the SVP is about "charitable living" here.

September 2016

Blog - Catholic Truth Society

CTS published a blog post from a dedicated SVP member for the Feast day of St Vincent de Paul, entitled Love your Neighbour. Read it here.

September was SVP Awareness Month and the press published a series of features about our 'Who Cares?' campaign. 

Feature - Catholic Times

Read here how the SVP shows care for everyone in need, providing friendship and practical assistance for the lonely, the poor and those who are sick. 

Catholic Herald published the following four pieces:

Read here how 'Visiting the sick can ease pain and suffering'

Read here 'Don't forget to feed the hungry this month'. 

Read here how 'It's not just the homeless who go to be hungry at night'. 

Read here to read how SVP members bring solace to those with no where else to turn.

Independent Catholic News published the following four pieces

Read here how SVP provides healing touch for people suffering sickness

Read here how SVP cares for people living in poverty

Read here how SVP cares for the hungry

Read here 'Why caring about loneliness is vital'

Spiritual Reflection - Sunday Plus 

Sunday Plus published a reflection on how SVP members often reach out to the 'invisible' members of our communities. Read the reflection here

August 2016

News item - The Universe

SVP members from Isle of Man created a beautiful and colourful floral display to illustrate the work of their Conference, as part of the Manx Flower Festival. Read more here

News item - The Universe

A group of Mini Vinnies participated in a world record breaking attempt to create the longest line of shoes around Hull Stadium, in aid of Hull Homeless Outreach. Read more here

July 2016

Feature - The Universe

A group of SVP Mini Vinnies from St Mary's Primary School were awarded the Speaker's Award for their fundraising work for a local hospice. The children made a trip to the House of Commons to pick up their award. Read more here

Feature - The Tablet

The Tablet published a feature on The Young Vincentian's Programme and how the Programmes develop pupils' compassion and deepens their understanding of poverty. Read it here

(c) The Tablet: The International Catholic News Weekly. Reproduced with permission of the Publisher

Feature - Universe

Bishop of Leeds, Marcus Stock opened the 'door of mercy' at the new site of St Vincent's Support Centre. Read about the celebrations here.

Reflection - Sunday Plus 

The Redemptorists published a reflection on how you can serve your neighbour with the SVP. Read it here.

Series - Yorkshire Evening Post

The Yorkshire Evening Post continued its series on the SVP Community Support Projects in Leeds and surrounds, and their committed volunteers. 

Read here how the support provided by SVP volunteers really makes a difference and helps transform lives.

Read here how hundreds of volunteer members of the SVP, visit and befriend the lonely and people in need.

Read here how one SVP member, Geraldine Mee, joined her local SVP group and ended up saving the life of a 30 year old man with a disability. 

Read here how former Leeds MP and SVP patron, John Battle came to be involved in the charity and what working with the marginalised means to him. 

Read here about the valuable work of the SVP community support projects in Yorkshire, and how you can get involved. 

June 2016

News item - The Universe

A story about the SVP / CSAN initiative The Big Mile appeared in the Universe, encouraging readers to 'walk a meaningful mile for charity'. Read it here.

Series - Catholic Herald

The Catholic Herald on line published three pieces on how volunteering for the SVP has helped them transform their lives. 

1.       The Man Who Saved his own life through Volunteering

2.       The Catholic charity inspiring people to find a new direction and help others

3. How volunteering for the St Vincent de Paul Society  can help you recover from depression

Series - Yorkshire Evening Post

The Yorkshire Evening Post celebrated Volunteers' Week by publishing a series of articles. 

Read the Yorkshire Evening Post's overview on the SVP in Leeds here

Read about how St Vincent's Centre, Leeds, depends on its many committed volunteers, here

Read about Anthony who found a new career direction by volunteering for St Vincent's, here

Read about how Livija has found confidence and made friends through volunteering, here

Read about the excellent work done by St Jude's helping people rebuild their lives, here.

Profile on John Battle - Catholic Times

Former MP and SVP Patron John Battle says SVP members know how to "tune into the words and gestures of every day people". Read more here.

Feature - Justice Magazine

A feature on how the SVP's thousands of members work to combat isolation was published in Justice Magazine. Read more here

May 2016

Feature - The Tablet

The Catholic international weekly, The Tablet has published a feature on an SVP Initiative called Dementia Companions run by members. Read more here

Feature - Networking Magazine

Networking Magazine for Catholic Schools, Colleges and Teachers, published a piece on how the Young Vincentians programmes help children to put their faith into action and practise Catholic Social Teaching. Read more here.

April 2016

Feature - Catholic Times 

The Catholic Times published a feature about the motivations, role and importance of SVP volunteers. Read it here.

Centre spread feature - Pilgrim newspaper

SVP Conferences around the Diocese of Southwark are busy doing practical community work including running foodbanks and soup kitchens and visiting the lonely. Read more here

Feature - Novena Magazine

SVP members turn prayer into action through their volunteering with the lonely and vulnerable. Read here how one Conference put prayer into action.

March 2016

Feature - Catholic Universe

Read here what happened when dedicated members of an SVP District Council teamed together to help keep a small family together when distaster struck. 

February 2016

Interview - CrossRhythms Radio

SVP Trustee Helen O'Shea was interviewed about the benefits of befriending and visiting people who are isolated and lonely. For a transcript of the interview, click here.

Profile - Catholic Times

SVP Central Council President Winston Waller talks about the SVP's work combatting food poverty and his work with a Parliamentary consulation. Read it here

January 2016

News story - Catholic Herald

The Catholic Herald published an article about the SVP's volunteers saving the taxpayer £11 million a year through visiting and befriending the lonely. Read it here.

News story - The Tablet

The Tablet published an article  about visiting and befriending work carried out by SVP volunteers. Read it here

Profile - Catholic Times

Westminster Central Council President, Siobhan Garibaldi, speaks about her role and the inspiration behind the Vinnie Packs for the homeless. Read more here.

December 2015 

News Article - Catholic Universe

Read about the SVP's Petition to protect Asylum seekers being presented to Parliament here

Feature -  Catholic Universe

The Universe published a piece on the SVP's response to Asylum seekers and refugees. 

"Tell Refugees: You've got a friend" Read it here. 

News article - Catholic Universe

This Christmas, 16 choirs in Leeds are helping the St Vincent's Support Centre support people in need. Read about it here

News article - Catholic Times

Compassion and Mercy - MP Robert Flello presented an SVP petition on Asylum to Westminster on 10 December, International Human Rights Day. Read about it here

October 2015

Feature - Networking Magazine of the Association of Catholic Teachers, Schools and Colleges

"My faith keeps me confident because I now Jesus is always there when I am scared, sad or nervous, but also when I an really happy."... Read how the Young Vincentian's programme has helped pupils like Carrie, in Networking Magazine here.

Profile - Catholic Times

"When God calls, and when it's a genuine, authentic call, you just go"... says National Young Vincentian Coordinator, Claz Gomez in her interview for the Catholic times, Read it here

September 2015

Called to Serve SVP National Meeting -  Catholic Universe

The Universe published a comprehensive piece on the National Meeting in York, detailing each talk and keynote speech to give readers an overview of the breadth of SVP work. Read it here

Awareness Month - The Catholic Herald and the Catholic Times

The Society held it's annual Awareness Month in September to raise awareness of how its helping families in poverty. Read about the 'Happy Families?' campaign in the Catholic Times here

The Catholic Herald published stories for each week of the Awareness Month campaign

Read more here:

SVP Recruitment Campaign - Catholic Life Magazine and The Catholic Times

The Society launched a Recruitment campaign 'SVP Striving for Growth Together' in September. Read coverage in the Catholic Times here  and in Catholic Life Magazine here

August 2015

How the SVP and poverty in England and Wales has evolved - Catholic Life 

Catholic Life Magazine published a feature about the continued work of SVP's founder Blessed Frederic Ozanam and Patron, St Vincent de Paul, helping people in need. Read it here

July 2015

Catholic Times Profile

"I call upon my faith all the time... You'd better know what you're doing Lord, because I haven't got a clue", says Mick Reynolds, SVP Trustee and leader of the Holy Island children's Holiday Camp. Read more of Mick's interview with the Catholic Times here.

June 2015

Big Mile coverage - The Catholic Times

In June 2015 the SVP and Caritas piloted an event in parishes and schools around Cardiff and Shrewsbury called the Big Mile. This was a one mile walk aimed at raising awareness of poverty, and funds to help the charities with their work. Read about the Big Mile in the Catholic Times here.

May 2015

Catholic Times - Profile

Adrian Abel is National President of the SVP, and has been a member of the Society for 50 years. Read about how Adrian calls on members to be "ambassadors for Christ" here.

April 2015

Portsmouth People - SVP gets Portsmouth Pupils helping people in need

"Most families wouldn't be complete without children and young people, and the same applies to the Vincentian family of the SVP". Read more here.

 January 2014

The St Vincent de Paul Society wins Prime Minister’s Big Society Award

The St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) has been named as a recipient of Prime Minister David Cameron's Big Society award today for their work across England and Wales. For nearly two hundred years the SVP has been caring for people who are lonely or in need of practical assistance. The SVP has always had a ‘one-to-one’ approach, utilising the energy and commitment of 10,000 volunteers across England and Wales.

These volunteers turn their concern into real action by befriending individuals, giving both emotional and practical support, such as food parcels, clothes and furniture. In 2013 volunteers made over half a million visits to nearly 90,000 individuals and families across England and Wales. These visits were made to the housebound, older people, hospitals, residential care homes, travellers, the homeless, refugees and people with mental health disorders, regardless of race, colour, religious belief, ideology or gender.

In addition the SVP organises volunteering groups in schools and universities, provides debt advice at its support centres and runs over 40 shops in economically disadvantaged areas.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“The St Vincent de Paul Society turns concern into action. The Society’s incredible number of volunteers build on a 200 year history of lending a practical hand to support those in need.

“I’m delighted to recognise all 10,000 St Vincent de Paul volunteers, and the staff who support them to do their vital work, with this Big Society Award.”

Adrian Abel, National President of the SVP, said:

"It is so appropriate that this award has come in the bicentenary year of our founder's birth. The award recognises the work of our 10,000 volunteers who give around one million hours of voluntary service, by befriending people with needs in our community.  The SVP provides practical opportunities for people to turn their concern into action, truly a Society with a big heart."

For more information, including photos, case studies or help with arranging interviews or site visits, please contact Anita Boniface at the SVP National Office (0207 703 3030,

Visit our website:        Facebook: 
Twitter: @SVPEnglandWales

Examples of our work:

“We arrived, half an hour after our usual visiting time, rang the bell and waited. After a few minutes, Mr Mercer, frail and in his late eighties, opened the door. I thought he looked rather upset and I was afraid we were interrupting something. Then, to my surprise, Mr Mercer leaned his forehead against the wall of the hall and with his shoulders shaking he started to sob quietly. I could hear the TV somewhere and I didn’t know what to do. I said “are you alright Mr Mercer?” He replied “Yes, yes. I just thought that no-one was going to come to see me tonight.” Our visit may be the only contact someone has had with another person since the previous week. We may feel we don’t do much during a visit, but this is an extraordinary testimony to how much it is appreciated.”