Requests For Help


The SVP is dedicated to helping combat poverty. The main ways it does this is by befriending people and providing moral and practical support to those in need through personal contact.

The work of the Society and its volunteer members is based on personal contact with those in need. The Society is not, at national level, a funding organisation in the usually accepted sense and any assistance which may be available depends entirely on the financial resources, often limited, of local volunteer groups. Such groups are active in over 1,000 locations, but the Society does not have universal coverage throughout England & Wales which sometimes limits its ability to help.

However, in most cases our members are able to make contact with those seeking help and, more often than not, are able to offer some assistance. If necessary, members might be able to offer guidance as to what other advice/services might be available from specialised agencies or professionals.

Requests for financial assistance

The Society is not primarily a grant giving charity as such, but if it is within the members' means (through any local fundraising efforts or donations received), the SVP Conference may be able to offer some financial assistance. As all SVP members are volunteers, and many are full time at work or have other commitments, the process of applying for financial assistance may take some weeks.

Requests for grants for organisations

The Society occasionally receives requests from other charities or clubs/groups asking for grants. The Society is not a grant making organisation. Assistance is normally provided to individuals or families following a visit from SVP volunteers. The only exception, however, is a limited number of organisations which have close links to the Society and which the Society supports modestly on a regular basis.

Application Procedure

If you would like to request assistance from the Society, please write in to our National Office with the following information:

•  Your full contact details 
•  Client's details - for organisations applying on behalf of a Client
•  Nature of request
•  Relevant case background

In order to progress your request, we need contact details, address and telephone number, of the person requiring assistance to enable our members to arrange a visit. In addition, an indication that this approach would be acceptable to the individual or family would be welcome.

All requests for assistance should be sent to our National Office.

Please note:

The SVP National Office is an administrative centre and does not deal with calls in person. All requests received will be passed on to the SVP group of volunteers or project nearest to where the person requesting help is based. All cases are considered locally and applicants will be contacted to arrange a visit previous to any assistance being given. Applicants are requested to follow the above detailed procedure when requesting assistance.

Specialist types of assistance

Find out more about other SVP services available and local community projects, such as furniture stores, holidays or debt counselling, by visiting the Community Projects section of the website.