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The Young Vincentians team

“Welcome all young people who want to live their faith in a practical manner by helping the poor.”

Blessed Frederic Ozanam - the Society's Founder




About Young Vincentians

Young Vincentians are the younger members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The SVP has a very successful programme in primary schools called 'Mini Vinnies'. For 11-14 year olds in both schools and parishes, we have our re-vamped 'Youth SVP'.  14-18 year olds develop into our SVP B-Attitude group. And university students and young adults belong to our SVP 1833 apostolate. There are groups for all ages spread throughout England and Wales, with more starting every year.

The SVP is able to develop its youth outreach and support young people to turn their Christian Faith into charitable service, thanks to the work of SVP members in their own areas. At the National Office Lucia Zambojova is the Youth Administrator. Please keep the young Vincentians, SVP members, and staff in your prayers.

Starting up a group

3 key ingredients are necessary for starting up a group:

1) Young Vincentians Development Officer (YVDO) = Develops any one or more of the apostolates mentioned below. YVDOs are based regionally and develop on behalf of their District Councils (DCs) or Central Councils (CCs). They are broken down into:

  • Mini Vinnies Development Officer (MVDO) = Develops the Mini Vinnies groups.
  • Youth Development Officer (YDO) = Develops either Youth SVP, SVP B-Attitude or both groups.
  • 1833 Development Officer (1833DO) = Develops 1833 groups.

 2) Vincentian Coordinator (VC) = The person in the school or parish, who supervises a Young Vincentians group, and is the main link between the school, the CC via the YVDO, and/or the National Office.

3) Young people = either in a parish or a school environment whose parents have given written and signed permission to be a member of a YV group.

Becoming a YVDO

We always welcome hearing from people either within or from outside the SVP who'd like to volunteer to become a YVDO. Here's our YVDO role description

We also have two different recruitment posters: one that specifically recruits retired teachers and Headteachers, and one that specifically recruits wonderful enthusiastic people of goodwill


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