SVP Conferences

Visiting those in need and sitting side by side with them remains the core work of the St Vincent de Paul. By carrying out regular visits and building relationships based on trust and friendship, our volunteers give the SVP its unique character.

All SVP Conference members are unpaid volunteers; local people from all walks of life who meet together weekly or fortnightly and carry out the work of the SVP in their own time. The extensive and varied work of these volunteers is concentrated locally: from identifying people in need and offering practical help to isolated or vulnerable individuals to more very visible forms of help, such as organising food banks, providing recycled furniture for those in need or even arranging days out for the elderly and housebound.

Here are some examples of the kinds of people SVP Conferences help:

Socially isolated

Every Conference relies on financial contributions in order to continue their activities throughout local communities in England & Wales and your donation, no matter how big or small, will help us continue our good work.


Option 1 - Single Donation (Online)
To make an online donation to SVP Conferences, click on the picture below and follow the simple instructions. Once complete, email us to indicate which SVP Conference you wish to allocate your donation to. You will receive written confirmation from us once it has been received and processed.

Option 2 - Regular Donation
To make a regular donation by Direct Debit, click on the picture below and fill out the donation form before returning it your local SVP Conference. For more details on your closest SVP Conference email us.