A reflection on the Year of Mercy

Year of Mercy -  a reflection

The Year of Mercy has now ended but the call of Pope Francis for all Catholics to reach out to people in need, still continues.

The year was an oportunity for the SVP to recruit more members among people who are looking for ways to respond.

Announcing the Year back in March 2015, Pope Francis said it would be a time for us all to “open our hearts to those living on the outermost fringes of society”.

With the question for many people being what they could do to help, SVP Conferences across England and Wales raised the Year with their parish priests and discussed the ways for the SVP could get involved with Year-of-Mercy-themed initiatives in the parish.  Many priests welcomed these approaches. 

Lectern addresses and striking posters were used in Churches and as a result, more people joined the Society and are now helping people living in poverty and loneliness.

However, the challenge is to continue this impetus in the future. There continues to be a growing number of people struggling with hunger, poverty, anxiety, homelessness and loneliness. 

If you would like to support the SVP, either by joining as a member, or donating to our work please email info@svp.org.uk, or telephone 020 7703 3030.