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Your Catholic Legacy inspires Catholics to consider how their faith and values can live on through ‘Share Your Prayer’

Your Catholic Legacy (which the Society is a member of) has been asking Catholics to share a prayer for a brighter future and become part of the mission to bring it about.  Over 150 prayers were shared through a variety of ways from Catholics across the UK.

The culmination of the campaign took place at a Mass in St George's Cathedral, Southwark on 11th June, in which Archbishop Peter Smith gave thanks for the amazing work undertaken in the UK and overseas by Catholic charities. He shared a number of prayers sent in by the public for a better future, and all those received were displayed on two prayer trees at the foot of the Cathedral.

The campaign and Mass were organised by "Your Catholic Legacy," a group of 26 Catholic charities working together to inspire and encourage the Catholic community to consider leaving gifts to Catholic causes in their Wills.

The Archbishop gave thanks for work undertaken in the UK and overseas by Catholic charities and told the congregation of around 200:

“During my time as a priest and bishop I have been privileged to see at first hand the effort and expertise Catholic charities and Church networks put into caring for the most vulnerable members of society.  

"Catholic causes rely upon the kindness and generosity of the Catholic community to fund their life-saving and life-changing work. Legacies – no matter how small – play a crucial role in this funding.  Legacies help to give hope to thousands and share God’s love in time of crisis.”

This sentiment was echoed by YCL Chair, Alastair Emblem, when he addressed the reception that followed the Mass.

“Catholics are very generous givers in their lifetimes, and you can be justifiably proud of that. But, at present, we are not so good at including Catholic causes in our wills. So what we are asking you to do today is to seriously consider doing so.”

Also speaking at the reception were Barry and Margaret Mizen who set up the ‘For Jimmy’ charity in dedication to their son who was murdered in 2008.  They shared their story of setting up the charity to build a legacy of hope and peace in Jimmy’s memory, and challenged us all to consider what our own legacy should be.

Thank you to all the Society members who joined in the campaign, and who came to the Mass.  If you didn’t take part, please do consider what you would pray for to bring about change and to make a brighter world.

the prayer tree

Adding a prayer to the prayer tree


Barry and Margaret Mizen

All photos copyright Sophie Stanes (Life through a lens)