SVP asks 'Who Cares'? during Awareness campaign

The SVP is asking the hard hitting question 'Who Cares?' during its Awareness Month campaign this September. 

Throughout the month, the SVP will be showing how its 8000 members care about issues such as loneliness, hunger, material poverty and sickness.

Members will be talking about their voluntary work during Masses, putting up posters and distributing postcards in churches across the country to raise awareness of their work.

Every day SVP members make a total of 1200 visits to people in need who include older people, sick people and individuals and families experiencing the devestation of hunger and poverty.

Week one of the campaign focuses on loneliness, showing how the SVP befriends and helps people who are isolated through reasons of old age, bereavement, sickness to name a few. 

If you would like to support the SVP you can telephone 020 7703 3030 or email or find out more here on our website.