SVP asks 'Who Cares' about poverty?

In Week 3 of the SVP's 'Who Cares?' campaign we're highlighting how the SVP cares for thousands of people experiencing material poverty. 

Each and every day our 8000 members make a total of 1200 visits to people in need. As well as visiting people experiencing loneliness, hunger and sickness, SVP members also provide practical help to people witnessing material poverty. 

Our members, together with our Community Support Projects, work tirelessly to provide items as diverse as clothes, furniture, bedding and toys for children, to families and individuals struggling against poverty and debt. 

Read here how members worked alongside one overstretched Social Worker to help turn an empty flat into a home for Kirsty, a young women who had previously lived on the streets. 

You can find out more about the SVP here on our website, or by emailing or telephoning 02077033030.