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Do you need some inspiration for activities for your SVP Mini Vinnies group? Try out some of our fun activities below! Mini Vinnies can put their colouring skills to the test with our logo print out, reflect on acts of kindness they have seen or learn all the words to the Mini Vinnies song!

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The following are resources available for use. If you'd like to see other resources listed here please contact Katy Ramsay.

New Ways of Engaging with Charity

The world has changed, more suddenly that it perhaps would normally but nevertheless it has changed. Looking to the future, in order to be best placed to serve those we need to, we must consider how we will adapt, how we will grow.

There are many challenges but also lots of solutions. With God we can emerge from this wiser, stronger and better able to serve those in need.

New Ways of Engaging with Charity