By working together, we're supporting communities through kindness and care.

Through our Community Support Projects and our 8,500 member strong Conferences, motivated by faith we help support the vulnerable, visit the lonely and much more.


At the heart of our work, we make it our mission to be there, in-person for those who need us most.


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Empowering local communities through our Community Support Centres

We run 11 welcoming St Vincent's centres across England and Wales, offering a wide range of free services and practical support which reflect the specific needs of their local communities.


We work to empower people who are struggling financially, out of employment, education, social networks and community support to help them build brighter futures.


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Our work is more important now than ever

With outbreak of new conflict and major food insecurity, Sudan and South Sudan are struggling more than ever. More people will face displacement, lack of medical care, poverty, bereavement and the threat of homelessness


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Join us in making a real difference

Whether it's supporting communities, aiding the sick, campaigning for social justice, or befriending the lonely, we are always looking for more people to join us in our mission.


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Show your support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

The UK Government has recently passed the Illegal Migration Act. This new law will put many lives at risk and will allow people and children to be detained or removed to third countries. 


Make your voice heard today, and raise your hand to show compassion towards refugees and asylum seekers.


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