Every little donation helps us make a massive difference to someone else's life.

St Vincent Bradford Support Centre is grateful for any donations we receive as they help us continue to do the work that we do.

If you would like to donate money, it really would go a long way. As little as £1 could buy a hot drink for someone in need.

We also accept non-perishable food donations which we use to make food parcels for families who are without food.

What can I donate?

If you have any old furniture, appliances or clothes, why not consider donating to our shop. Not only will someone else get to enjoy your pre-loved item, the funds raised enable us to provide free Support and Advice Services.

We have electrical workshops in our depot and so we are able to repair larger items where we can. Even if we cannot repair the item, we can use the parts to repair similar models and we can breakdown what's left to gain funds from scrap metal.

If you are thinking of donating upholstered items, such as suites, upholstered dining chairs, divan bed bases and mattresses, you will need to check that it has a fire retardant label attached. It is usually underneath. Without this label, we cannot take the item as we are legally not allowed to pass it on. Likewise any cabinets with glass doors need to have safety Glass. If you need assistance finding the labels please ring one of our Contact Centre Team on 01274 726790.