2024 UK General Election: Using our Catholic voice


We have a collection of new resources available to encourage people to engage with their local parliamentary candidates during this year...


180 Years of the SVP

We're celebrating 180 years of the SVP in England and Wales! Exactly 180 years ago on the 12th of February 1844 the St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales) was formed with the first taking in...


Celebrating 180 Years of the SVP


Our founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam founded the SVP to help people living in times of crisis. Today, we are celebrating 180 years and in...

image of a food bank

Tackling regional inequalities from the ground up


On 25th January 2024 we published a new report that highlights our vital role in delivering locally-based support to ‘left...

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Special Epiphany Service raises funds for SVP


The Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir premiered a new work by SVP member Frank Cottrell-Boyce at Trafalgar Square’s St Martin-in-the Fields in 6...

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A Reflection on the 2nd Sunday of Advent

Here is a reflection from Jon Cornwall on the 2nd Sunday of Advent - Peace. On the first Sunday of Advent, we reflected on the purpose of hope as a response to challenging situations with and does of...

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Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Today’s feast of the Immaculate Conception is a public holiday in many countries—and has always been a special day of celebration for the SVP. As a Society under the patronage of St Vincent it is...

St Vincent's Wirral

Weekly activities at St Vincent's Centre Wirral, Weekly activities at At Vincent's Centre Wirral, right
Have a look at the St Vincent's Wirral Community Garden, This short film shows the progress from September 2023 to February 2024, St Vincent's Wirral Community Garden
Community Garden Latest Pictures, Well done Rick and thanks to everyone who has helped with clearing the site, Picture of the community garden which is now cleared, Picture of the community garden which is now cleared, Picture of the community garden which is now cleared
Sean's Story, How Sean recovered from debt and loss | SVP Wirral
Ian's Story, How Ian's homelessness led to helping others | SVP Wirral
Our wonderful volunteer Ted, Why Ted volunteers at 80 years old | SVP Wirral
Picture by Bernie, Pictures by Bernie, left
More information about some of our activities, Please click on the image to see the full details, cafe connect information, information about our chess club, information about our clothes bank, Community cafe information, wellbeing Wednesday information
Image of St Nicholas the Saint

The Timeless Legacy of St. Nicholas: More than a Jolly Old Man in Red

In the midst of holiday cheer, it's worth revisiting the timeless figure of St. Nicholas, whose legacy goes beyond the modern portrayal of Santa Claus. Born in the third century, St. Nicholas, bishop,...

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A Reflection on the 1st Sunday of Advent

Advent is a time where the liturgy is especially focused on how you feel and each week has a theme. This week HOPE. Hope isn't just a feeling, it's a yearning. It's an impulse of faith. Hope is is...