What are we all about?

We are St Vincent's Centre Ely Bridge. We are here to help people combatting a range of social issues from mental health, confidence problems, loneliness, addiction and more. We are here to encourage and love people in the community of Ely and the close surrounding areas.

We have a range of community groups and services that can help you. Pop into the centre and find out more about who we are and how we can help you. Ideal drop in times are Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 1pm. You will be warmly welcomed.

We have strategies to help people with their anxiety and confidence problems

We are still in the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic with people still waiting to be seen for mental health conditions. Not only that we have all been faced with the cost of living crisis and this has contributed to anxiety levels rising in people. The Mental Health Foundation has confirmed in 2023 how anxiety levels in people have risen. Here are the stats shown below:

60% of UK adults experienced anxiety that interfered with their daily lives in the past two weeks.

30% of UK adults with feelings of anxiety say they are not coping well with anxiety.

32% of UK adults with feelings of anxiety feel anxious about being able to pay the bills.

We provide a safe environment where people are accepted and loved


St Vincent's Centre, Ely Bridge have developed a safe environment for people to come along to be encouraged, accepted and loved. We have everything needed to help people live better lives being in close community with one another.


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