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Welcome Mini Vinnie parents and carers

Whether your child has just joined Mini Vinnies or they have been a member for a while, we know you will be very proud of them. This page should provide everything you need to know to help them in their work and to develop their faith.

Who are the Mini Vinnies?

Following their simple formula of ‘see, think, do’,, the Mini Vinnies learn to spot people in need and discover how best they can help them. 

They go the extra mile and meet during their lunchtimes or after school to pray and discuss how they can help those most in need, but most importantly they act on their plans. They always make you and your Vincentian Coordinators very proud.

Mini Vinnies and Vinnie Bear carrying out their lunchtime mission at the National meeting
Frequently asked questions
How can my child become a Mini Vinnie?

Our groups run in primary schools and parishes across England and Wales. Your child can either apply to be a Mini Vinnie at their school or parish, or if a group is not formed already, they could be the one to suggest starting one.

What is a Vincentian Coordinator

The Vincentian Coordinator (VC) ) is the adult who facilitates the Mini Vinnies’ group and helps them become effective in their meetings and their actions. However, it is the Mini Vinnies themselves who run the group as members and take on exciting leadership roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer.

What is a Young Vincentians Development Officer?

A Young Vincentians Development Officer (YVDO), is a volunteer who provides support to our groups. They will help VCs with the initial set-up of the group and offer ongoing support throughout the academic year, including the commissioning of new groups. If you don’t know who your YVDO is, please get in touch with the Young Vincentians team to find out more.

What if my child is not Catholic?

No problem. Mini Vinnies’ groups are inclusive and welcome children from all faiths and none. They are all living out the Vincentian values, showing compassion and kindness to those they help.

How can I support my Mini Vinnie at home?

When your child joins the Mini Vinnies, they become a member of the wider Vincentian family, and they will always be part of that. That doesn’t stop when they leave the school or parish gates, so there are several ways that you can support your Mini Vinnie to live out their vocation at home:  

  • Provide a space in your home where unwanted items or pieces of clothing can be stored and taken to a charity shop
  • Reverse your advent calendar. Encourage your Mini Vinnie to put something in rather take something out. These hampers can then be donated to those most in need at Christmas
  • Have you considered learning to knit together? You could knit scarves and hats to donate to those in need
  • Pray. Approaching meaningful prayer and silence can be tricky. However, sharing time together with our Lord is key and can lead to a more fulfilling life in faith
  • Think about donating to a local food bank
  • Do you have an older neighbour you could help? Maybe they need their grass cutting or perhaps some help with their shopping. Could you get your Mini Vinnie involved?


Are the Mini Vinnies a part of the SVP?

Yes. The Mini Vinnies are the youngest members of the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP), and they receive full support of the International SSVP when they act in support of those in need.

What if my child is too old to be a Mini Vinnie?

They can find out about joining a Youth SVP group, another branch of the SVP which is specifically for young people aged 11-18 in secondary schools or parishes. If you are interested in Youth SVP, please visit the website to learn more.