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How the SVP Involves Young People

Our vision is to inspire young people through the transformational experience of volunteering.  Being part of a life changing, safe and supportive environment helps young people grow positively.  

Our Young Vincentians (YV) programmes take our Vincentian ethos into schools, colleges, youth hubs, universities and parishes, to help sow seeds of a lifetime of service.

All over England and Wales Children, Young People and Young Adults are taking up the invitation to join the Vincentian family and turn their concern into real action! These groups are based in schools and parishes across England and Wales. The energy they bring are hugely important to the greater work of the St Vincent de Paul Society.  

  • Mini Vinnies (7-11 year olds)
  • Youth SVP (11-18 year olds)
  • SVP1833 (18 -35 year olds) 




One of the ways we aim to keep children and youth safe is by ensuring that our volunteers and youth leaders first have an Enhanced DBS in place. We also have Safeguarding procedures in place. 

About our Youth Programmes


Children of different ethnicities running towards camera in a playground

Mini Vinnies

Children gather together to pray, chat and support however they can to help make a difference in their communities. 





Read more about Mini Vinnies.




Youth SVP

This group develop their voices and abilities by engaging in their communities and take part in social action. Through voluntary work, they not only make a positive difference, but learn new skills, build lasting friendships and develop their faith.





Read more about Youth SVP members.




Asian boy and black girl making pancakes in industrial kitchen.SVP1833

This is our programme for young adults at university who join together to build friendships, pray and serve those living with poverty. 






Read more about SVP1833






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