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About Grenada

SVP England and Wales is 'twinned' with over 30 local SVP groups in Grenada, and on the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The economy in Grenada is dominated by tourism and agriculture. Carriacou and Petite Martinique have no rivers or lakes so residents rely on collecting and storing water during the rainy season, but this is growing more unreliable due to climate change. There is rampant poverty around the islands, with many families living in basic wooden huts hidden away on the hillsides.

The SVP's work in Grenada responds to this increasing need in local communities, through helping to fund water harvesting schemes and essential house repairs as well as income-generation projects.

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How is the SVP helping?

Water harvesting and storage is routine on the island of Carriacou, and is used for drinking, washing, cooking and irrigation. Responding to local need, the SVP helps to build plastic and concrete water tanks next to homes, and if the season is rainy, residents can share this water with neighbours. 

Many families, including single mothers with young children, live in damaged huts and essential repairs are often needed to maintain their integrity before a rainy season. Most of these homes do not have indoor toilets, so the SVP has been involved in building small huts to cover latrines, which offer privacy and protection from bad weather.

Supporting self-sufficiency

We support a training programme for young women to equip them with employable skills in cooking, baking and financial management. The project helps to empower students to find long-term employment or start their own businesses. We also provide funding to run several small income-generation projects in agriculture, animal rearing and small businesses. You can learn more about how we help equip local families to build self-sufficient communities in the Summer 2019 issue of the Vincentian Concern

Can you help support the SVP's work in Grenada? Your donation could help build a water tank for a family in Carriacou or empower a young woman to start her own tailoring business. 

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