Twinning and Overseas Aid

Twinning is the way in which SVP groups in developed countries provide support to SVP groups in developing countries. SVP England and Wales is currently 'twinned' with local groups in India, Sudan, South Sudan, Grenada, Guyana and Romania. 


What does Twinning Involve? 

  • Prayer 
    It is important that the members of the twin Conference, and those they work to support, are prayed for regularly. This will include prayers at every Conference meeting, but can include other prayers and most especially having a Mass offered for the twin Conference.
  • Correspondence 
    Where possible it is important to exchange letters or e-mails at least twice a year to maintain contact, share information and learn. Messages are shared with all members of the Conference so that every member is involved and feels part of the world-wide Vincentian family.
  • Financial support 
    Twinning generally requires a regular commitment to send financial support to help the regular activities of the twin, specifically the support of the adopted families of the twinned Conference. This helps to ensure that vital funding reaches the poorest communities in countries where the SVP exists.



Terms of reference for the SVP Disaster Fund

SVP England and Wales provides funding in the event of national and international emergencies and humanitarian need.


General principles of the fund 

  • In response to natural disasters and conflict-related humanitarian needs, the National Twinning Committee will discuss potential emergency funding with CGI Paris including how best to support and the potential transfer of funding to international SVP organisations. 

  • Funding must cover emergency, humanitarian and basic livelihoods and self-sufficiency projects for communities affected by natural disaster or conflict.

  • The nature of this funding will be determined by the level of need, the local SVP infrastructure, banking routes and amount available. 

  • Donor preference with respect to geographical area should be honoured where possible and donations will be distinguished by purpose.  

  • If the need is determined to be met in a certain geographical area, monies can be transferred into the General SVP Disaster fund with National Twinning Committee approval 

  • It is not a requirement that SVP E&W must inform specific donors if SVP E&W is unable to honour their preference for use of funds.


Learn more on the Twinning and Overseas Aid website or download the Twinning General Information leaflet.



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