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How we help in India

Our Twinning links began in India, where we are now 'twinned' with over 1,500 SVP groups. Despite having the 6th biggest and fastest-growing economy in the world, there are still over 300 million people who live below the poverty line. We offer a variety of support to local SVP groups by helping fund education through our student sponsorship scheme and the creation of small income-generation projects to tackle the root causes of poverty and promote self-reliance.

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Student sponsorship scheme

We believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our student sponsorship scheme in India helps young people and their families by supporting them financially through their studies; either for a year of study in a primary school, three years of technical and vocational training or four years to train as a doctor or engineer. A one-off donation of just £15 can help a school child remain in school for a year and covers fees, uniforms and books. 

Read more about the student sponsorship scheme and how it enables young people and their families to find a pathway out of poverty in the Spring 2020 issue of the Vincentian Concern
Sponsor a young person's education in India

Small projects scheme

Our small projects scheme focuses on skills development and the creation of small income generation businesses that enable families to become self-sufficient.

Responding to local need, SVP groups in India can apply for small grants to help microfinance small projects including livestock, small businesses such as shops, market vending or tailoring businesses, and home repairs. 

Interested in the small projects scheme? You can read more about how the SVP helps to build self-sufficient communities overseas in a recent article in the Winter 2019 issue of the Vincentian Concern.  

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Adopted families scheme

The SVP runs an 'adopted families' scheme to uniquely support local families in poor living conditions. 'Adopted' families currently receive assistance through the provision of food parcels with basic staples, dress materials and essentials every month. They also receive home visits from local SVP group members.  

Can you help local SVP groups reach more families in need through the 'adopted families' scheme? Your donation could help provide the essentials needed for food parcels so a family can cook nutritous meals. 

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