Cost of Living Crisis

Cost of Living Crisis

The UK cost of living crisis refers to the ongoing increase in prices combined with the decline of household incomes. This is something which began in 2021, however, inflation is now in double figures for the first time in 40 years and relative wages have fallen at their sharpest recorded rate. The impact of this will be felt across the UK, but it will most affect the poorest members of society who have experienced a decade of austerity, and most recently two years of a pandemic and its associated financial fallout. This has left individuals and their support structures fatigued and under-resourced. For many their coping strategies are already stretched and it will likely mean making the agonising choice between heating and eating.

One of the ways in which we can achieve our mission to tackle the root causes of poverty is by advocating for individuals and communities and speaking to policymakers. We firmly believe that by collecting and sharing valuable data and insights on our grassroots work with policymakers, we can greatly influence the policies that affect those most in need. To achieve this goal, we have developed a Social Justice survey that seeks to gather vital information on the challenges faced by individuals and communities. By completing this survey you will contribute to the collective voice of our organisation and enable us to present a comprehensive and compelling case for policy reform.

Cost of Living and in-work poverty survey


We have launched a new Cost of Living survey to gather insight from our members about the challenges faced by people and families we support across the country. If you are a member, staff or volunteer of the SVP please complete this survey to help our social justice work.

Cost of Living survey 


Stories from the frontline

The real price of the cost of living crisis

Our latest publication offers a snapshot of the cost of living crisis and how it is affecting people’s financial, emotional and physical wellbeing. We gathered stories and insight from our frontline members, volunteers and Community Support Projects to show how this crisis is affecting people across the country.

It also offers stories of hope, showcasing how the SVP continues to provide lifesaving support and befriending to those most in need.

Read the publication here 


Campaigning for an Essentials Guarantee

We are campaigning for increases to the basic rate of Universal Credit. We're supporting the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Trussell Trust to ensure people on Universal Credit can live with dignity.

Research has shown that despite temporary support from Government, 9 in 10 people on Universal Credit are going without the essentials, including food, gas and electricity and other essential household items.