Migrants, Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

From a Vincentian perspective, the issue of migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum is a central concern.


Pope Francis has spoken many times about the importance of helping and welcoming migrants and refugees. The SVP is in the unique position of being able to meaningfully contribute to campaigns on this topic given its frontline experience in supporting refugees and migrants.

Our advocacy work responds to the need of people we support every day. Our society has over 200 volunteer groups who support refugees and people seeking asylum, in addition to our St Vincent's centres in Leeds and Bradford, who provide excellent frontline advice and support to migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum. From providing practical support and ESOL classes to advice and advocacy, to leading on community events and initiatives to promote inclusion and integration we have decades of experience in this area.

Many of the people we support everyday struggle to meet basic living standards, face destitution and homelessness, and can be very isolated. While our Society responds to immediate need and support people facing challenges every day, we also understand the importance of challenging policies and systems at the root causes of poverty and discrimination. This is why advocacy and influencing are a key part of our work.


Watch our latest video for Refugee Week calling for compassion in the asylum system

Watch out CEO Elizabeth Palmer talk alongside faith leaders about the need for compassion and dignity in the asylum system.


Resources and Facts Sheets

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