Vinnie Camps

About our Camps

There are eight children’s Vinnie Camps around the country giving supervised activity and fun to youngsters aged between eight and 14 years. They offer a week of fun, excitement and friendship to boys and girls who may well be in need of a break because of family problems such as unemployment, illness, bereavement or relationship breakdown.


Safe and caring

SVP Vinnie Camps have a wonderful heritage: for 100 years they have provided safe, inclusive and caring holidays for children in need of a break.

Vinnie Camps are staffed by around 500 dedicated and caring volunteers, offering a high ratio of adult-to-child supervision. This means that each and every child receives a great deal of time and positive attention, perhaps more than some have ever known before. Summer holidays offer, first and foremost, fun and enjoyment. But they also provide an opportunity for respite, new learning experiences and personal growth.

All volunteers and leaders must undergo enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks before being allowed to join our SVP camps. 

Fun and games

Activities include swimming, archery, climbing, football, arts and crafts, and talent shows. And some of the fun can even be life changing as many children try something they’ve never done before – perhaps seeing a wheeling hawk, catching a fish or swimming in the sea.

Set in various scenic locations around the country including Northumberland, Lincolnshire and north Wales, our holiday escapes provide enjoyment, friendship and, best of all, wonderful memories.

Don’t take our word for it

Vinnie Camps regular, 11-year-old Ed Allen (pictured centre with his friends) says: “I love going to camp – it’s my favourite holiday. It’s awesome! I’ve been going for three years now and every year I’ve completely fallen more in love with it!

“It has so many fantastic activities… and loads of competitions which we can win medals for. The helpers are really good and they are like having a big brother or sister to look after you.

“One of the best parts is meals! There are so many choices… and there are always seconds and sometimes thirds!”




Find out more

Click on the links below to take you to the pages for each of the eight Vinnie Camps where you will find full booking information.

Explore our eight Vinnie Camps
Brentwood Camp
In scenic countryside near Colchester in Essex
Leeds Camp
Leeds campers enjoy attractive Yorkshire countryside
Wirral Camp
Children from the Wirral enjoy spectacular north Wales scenery
Stockport Camp
Stockport campers enjoy north Wales countryside
Holy Island Camp
On beautiful Holy Island in Northumberland
Mablethorpe Camp
On the lovely Lincolnshire coast
Liverpool Camp
Children from Liverpool can enjoy camp in Denbighshire, north Wales
Image saying coming soon
Manchester Camp
Manchester camps enjoy North Wales countryside.