Poverty and social security

There are currently an estimated 14 million people in poverty in the UK today, this includes 4 million (nearly 3 in 10) children. People and families across the country have been hit hard by the cost of living crisis, the increase in food, energy and housing costs. Our members, Community Support Projects and centres are seeing an increase in the number of people seeking help and support. 

Over the past year we have seen a 49% increase in the number of requests for help to our national office. Our social justice work in this area seeks to campaign for policies which can help alleviate poverty and destitution. 

In-work poverty

Millions of people families are living below the poverty line while they are still in work. This issue is affecting a growing number of people and children. Through the work of our regional centres and projects we have a very good insight into the problems people are facing and some of the solutions to this growing problem. 

Refugees and people seeking asylum

We campaign for the rights of refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants by advocating for a compassionate, fair and humane asylum system. We believe that people should be treated with compassion and humanity, regardless of where they are from. 

Each year our volunteer members and regional centres support thousands of people seeking asylum and refugees by providing practical support, specialist immigration advice, and a warm welcome in their communities. 

Learn more about our campaigns and how we use our voice to call for compassion in the asylum system. 

Tackling regional inequalities and building resilient communities

The daily experience of working with people living in some of the most deprived parts of the country means we can help policymakers tackle this pressing issue. We know that poverty does not affect everyone equally, and that communities in many parts of the country have less access to community services and support. 

We campaign for urgent action to tackle regional inequalities and for investment to help build strong and resilient communities.