Work in Prisons

SVP Working with Prisons

We turn concern into action by working with prisons. This can take the form of visiting or writing letters to people in prison. Spending time with people is our greatest gift. SVP groups have also worked with probationary services by providing clothes those leaving prison, as well as supporting ex-offenders. 


Get involved

Please join us in Working with Prisons by visiting the men and women residing in prisons in your locality or by writing to them, showing them that you care and that you are prepared to spend your time sharing some sense of ‘normality’ with them.


Request Help

Referrals from prison/probationary services or requests for help from ex-offenders can be sent to


Who to contact

For more information on how you can help, check out examples of our Working with Prisons Factsheets and Newsletters below, or email:

Ian Kempsell, SVP Prisons Lead. 

Anna Frank-Keyes, Deputy SVP Prisons Lead. 

Kevin McKenna, Secretary. 



There are currently over 78,000 men and women locked up in the 117 prisons throughout England and Wales. 

Out of the 70,000 who are released each year, almost 50% are back inside within 12 months.

These shocking statistics reflect the effects of poverty in society  – a dysfunctional family background, deficient housing, poor educational provision, a lack of opportunity and work options, addiction, substance abuse and feelings of worthlessness. 

Even more shocking is that, among prison residents themselves, up to 90% are estimated to have some form of mental health issue, 30% have recognised learning disabilities and a great many have suffered traumas during their lives, such as being mentally or physically abused as children.


Families of People in Prison
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