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From the Frontline – Our report on tackling regional inequalities


Levelling up refers to a commitment by the current government to achieve economic rebalancing towards areas which are more economically deprived and support regions in the UK. Levelling up regions across the country through regeneration has been the focus of several policies of the current Government.

The SVP supports people and families in some of the most deprived parts of the country, and as a result we know what issues and barriers people are experiencing. Our community support projects (CSP's) and members witness the impact that poverty and inequality, lack of resources, a lack of investment in skills and employment and other issues have on people every day.

We want to make sure the voices of people at the sharp end are listened to, and the experience of those supporting and working alongside them is heard by policy makers. Our reach puts us in a unique position of being able to provide insight into the issues and solutions to some of today’s biggest societal issues.

We regularly meet with policymakers to discuss our insight and provide recommendations on how we can ensure the country is truly ‘levelled up’.


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January 2024: From The Frontline - Tackling Regional Inequalities From The Ground Up