180 Years of the SVP


We're celebrating 180 years of the SVP in England and Wales!


Exactly 180 years ago on the 12th of February 1844 the St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales) was formed with the first Conference meeting taking place in central London. 

Since that day we have empowered communities through compassion and care, provided hope in difficult times and worked tirelessly towards our mission of serving those in need. 

Today, 180 years on, we have around 8,500 members volunteering in communities across England and Wales, making a difference to the lives of those people who need help.   

Chief Executive of the SVP, Elizabeth Palmer, said: “In many ways the challenges facing individuals, families and communities have changed over the past 180 years but in many ways they have remained the same. In communities across the country our members and Conferences continue to provide hope in times of great uncertainty and help those experiencing poverty. Over the course of this anniversary year, we will take the opportunity to celebrate our proud history, reflect on our present-day impact and of course look to the future. We have achieved a great deal since 1844 but we know there is a long way still to go. Together we will continue to rise to the challenge and turn concern into action.”

We are planning a year-long celebration of our work to mark the 180th anniversary over the course of 2024, as we continue to help those who need it most. Our commitment to helping never ends as SVP founder Blessed Frederic Ozanam said: “The work of St Vincent de Paul never grows old: who would not wish to continue it.”