Local fundraising family that has been volunteering for generations has sights set on new milestone

Joe and Phil Winetroube

Following in his mother’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Joe Winetroube is aiming to raise £500 for St Vincent’s Newcastle to help them continue the work they do to help those most in need in the community.

Joe’s mother, Mary volunteers at St Vincent’s Newcastle every Tuesday.

“I live in Sunderland but travel to the centre in Newcastle to help out as I have a connection there through my late Dad, Tom Thomson. 

“Over the 3 to 4 year period as Chair of the SVP Fundraising Committee and prior to his sudden death in 1993, he raised the equivalent today of £175,000 for the renovation of Blackfriars. He achieved this mainly by writing hundreds of letters to charities and trusts. This money enabled the centre to reopen and the resumption of the drop-in kitchen which resumed in January 1994.” 

Currently studying Sports Business & Broadcasting at UCFB in Manchester, Joe was motivated by his family’s fundraising past and wanted to do something of his own for the centre.

Alongside his Dad Phil, Joe will be taking part in the Manchester Half Marathon later this year on October 13. All funds raised through this campaign will go directly to St Vincent’s Newcastle to help provide support to local individuals and families in need through food support, clothing, household items and emotional support and advice.

Despite never having the opportunity to meet his grandad, Joe was inspired by Tom Thomson’s hard work and dedication to the charity and is hoping to continue the family legacy and connections to the charity through his fundraising efforts. 

Currently Joe is smashing his target having already raised £200 of his £500 goal, but is still hoping to get more donations and exceed his goal. Anyone wishing to donate to Joe’s Marathon target can do so by donating through the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/manchester-half-marathon-for-st-vincent-de-paul-newcastle?attribution_id=sl:38ec919e-315a-4038-8632-fb7f08686137&utm_campaign=man_sharesheet_ft&utm_medium=customer&utm_source=email. Or to donate directly to St Vincent’s Centre, please send a cheque made out to SVP St Vincent’s, New Bridge Street, Newcastle NE1 2TQ.