Recruiting volunteers for our 'Knock and Drop' service

Many people recognise the SVP as a primary source of support for vulnerable or isolated people. In this time of increased need created by the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the public have approached the SVP to volunteer to help people in need. 

In response, we are currently recruiting volunteers for our new 'Knock and drop' service delivering emergency food parcels and medicine to isolated or housebound people across England and Wales. These 'Knock and drop' volunteers will collect food from supermarkets and deliver to the doorsteps of vulnerable people. Volunteers doing the 'Knock and drop' rounds will also be encouraged to have a brief wellbeing conversation with the person they are assisting, whilst practicing social distancing.

Volunteer now

Jon Cornwall, Head of Membership says: “We want to thank the public for all the kind support they are expressing to the work of the SVP. Every day our members have been phoning and delivering essentials to thousands of vulnerable people around up and down the country. This work isn’t going to end soon, and we need members of the public to join us in our ‘Knock and drop’ service."

If you are interested in volunteering for the 'Knock and drop' service in your local community, please visit Crisis help for more information on eligibility and to apply.  

Alternatively, if you are unable to volunteer, but would still like to support our work please consider donating to our Covid-19 Emergency Fund