Other projects

In addition to the main community based projects the SVP also supports other projects for when more specialist help may be needed.  This may be provided as part of a social club, in a deaf centre for people with hearing loss or in church by the provision of signed Masses.

The SVP supports a number of projects specifically working for people with disabilities.

Bristol Central Council

Signed Masses: Monthly signed masses for deaf people from Bristol, Bath, Swindon, at St Nicholas of Tolentino Church Britsol and occassionally Holy Family Church, Swindon.

Liverpool Central Council

Deaf Care: Project run with Nugent Care providing social events, outings and pilgrimages for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the Liverpool Archdiocese. Also supports those preparing deaf children for the sacraments and visiting schools to give talks on deaf awareness.

Middlesbrough Central Council

Talking Newspaper: The SVP works in partnership with St Mary's School to produce a monthly 'talking newspaper'. The SVP has just funded new equipment to produce CDs rather than tapes. Students at the school record articles from the Catholic Press. Nationwide distribution.

Shrewsbury Central Council

Deaf Care: Signed monthly masses at Stockport and Birkenhead.

Tyne Central Council

Newcastle Deaf Centre: Provides social activities, entertainment, education, pastoral care, activities, and training for people with hearing impairements.

For further information please get in touch with your local SVP group or alternatively call the SVP National Office on 0207 703 3030 or email info@svp.org.uk.