In-work poverty and insecure work


In-work poverty affects roughly 18% of the UK working population, and before the pandemic roughly 3.6 million people, one worker in nine, was in insecure work, leaving them exposed to massive drops in income or unsafe working conditions. This issue tends to be concentrated in low-income jobs such as caring and leisure.


The SVP provides practical and emotional support to thousands of people and families experiencing in-work poverty and insecure work across the country. Our nine Community Support Projects provide specialist advice on employment, skills training, housing, and benefits advice. Our social policy team works closely with our centres to develop evidence-based solutions to issues affecting people in work and those seeking for work. Addressing this pressing issue is a priority for the SVP as this issue affects many of the people we support and visit.

Our work in this area includes campaigning alongside other national and regional organisations to raise awareness about this issue and campaign for change.


In-work poverty and children’s wellbeing

Our latest report, ‘Stealing futures – In-work poverty and its impact on children and young people’ shines a light on one of the most daunting silent issues facing the UK today and explores the impact in-work poverty has on children and young people. The report pulls together existing research and captures the voices of some of the children and young people we support through our Mini-Vinnies groups, as well those of the SVP volunteers, staff and St Vincent’s community support centres who help households living in poverty every day.

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We also use our voice to raise awareness about this issue in the media. Our report has been covered on several national and local press outlets, as well as on BBC Sunday Politics live.