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Every day hundreds of lives are made that little bit easier thanks to the hard work and genorisity of our volunteers, members and donors. Read below about this work of turning concern into action, and consider how you can join us. 

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Our response statement on the Rwanda Bill


The St Vincent De Paul Society (England and Wales) is disappointed to see that the Safety of Rwanda Bill has passed and is now law. that - a...

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Celebrating 180 years of the SVP in Liverpool


Since 1845, the SVP has been operating in Liverpool by supporting the poorest and most vulnerable members of society through befriending, of...


2024 UK General Election: Using our Catholic voice


We have a collection of new resources available to encourage people to engage with their local parliamentary candidates during this year...


Celebrating 180 Years of the SVP


Our founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam founded the SVP to help people living in times of crisis. Today, we are celebrating 180 years and in...

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Tackling regional inequalities from the ground up


On 25th January 2024 we published a new report that highlights our vital role in delivering locally-based support to ‘left...

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