Personal stories

Every day hundreds of lives are made that little bit easier thanks to the hard work and genorisity of our volunteers, members and donors. Read below about this work of turning concern into action, and consider how you can join us. 

Sarah and Muriel


The powerful bond of friendshipThe International Day of Friendship on 30 July is the perfect opportunity to recognise the tireless SVP staff...

Battling with mental health as a single mum


Jocelyn is a single mum with six children who suffers from mental health issues and has poor general health. As the sole parent, she to and...



As an ex-offender, Liam was at a disadvantage in the jobs market. However, his life started to turn around when he found a with on-the-job...



“We talk regularly on the phone, and she proudly talks about how she managed several restaurants in the town. She loves cake so it when we...



“You were like angels from God coming to our rescue.” When Adam was hospitalized due to a long-term illness, his family struggled their...

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