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Every day hundreds of lives are made that little bit easier thanks to the hard work and genorisity of our volunteers, members and donors. Read below about this work of turning concern into action, and consider how you can join us. 


SVP Member

Earlier this year Salford Diocese released some figures which said in the Salford Diocese there were 288,885 children living in where were a...



A local SVP group in Haverfordwest have responded to the cost of living crisis by opening their church hall every Thursday afternoon a the...

man with beard



A distraught Hussain sought financial advice from St Vincent’s Leeds after he received a letter saying that his Employment and payment was...

family in garden



We’ve all heard it said that one good deed deserves another and this is very much the case with SVP. Many of those who receive support the...

Sarah and Muriel


The powerful bond of friendshipThe International Day of Friendship on 30 July is the perfect opportunity to recognise the tireless SVP staff...

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